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18 Movies That Will Break Your Heart

Bring on the tears! Grab some snacks and some tissues because these movies will make you cry one way or another. Trust me; I experienced this first hand. It wasn't pretty, but it was worth it.

*The films are listed in no particular order*


THIS MOVIE… Oh, my God. I loved it right off the bat because it has a “Euphoria-like” aesthetic, which I couldn’t resist. Not to mention, the movie is based in Miami and has an amazing soundtrack that complements each scene so well. The film is about Miami’s teenagers and the different struggles they face nowadays #relatable. It was filmed in 2019, so it is a bit more modern and edgy, which I really appreciate. The storyline is unique and has many unexpected turns, which kept me interested and on my toes. I cried and cried and cried. This movie is a MUST WATCH for this day in age!


I watched this movie the day I got my wisdom teeth removed, and let’s just say I was an emotional wreck. Life is Beautiful is an Italian film based on a Jewish family’s experience at the beginning of the Holocaust. It is one of the best movies of all time with an unforgettable ending. I sobbed uncontrollably for hours, no joke. It’s one of those films that sticks with you for a very long time. It’s spectacular from beginning to end. 10000/10 must watch.


Honey Boy is Shia LaBeouf’s Autobiographical film, capturing his life as a young Disney Channel star. While he’s living “the dream,” he’s actually living in a sketchy motel with his unstable father. It’s heartbreaking to watch because you can see both the protagonist and his father’s life traumas. It’s not a typical romantic drama, but it’s the type of film that makes you think a lot once you’ve watched it. It was very impactful, had great acting and a compelling storyline. Highly recommended.


Probably one of my top 3 all-time favorite movies. The movie is in Portuguese and captures life in Rio de Janeiro during a gang turf war. I love foreign films, and if you do too, you NEED to watch this. Every single thing about this movie is on point. You will cry, no doubt about it.


As a comedic actor, Steve Carell did a 180 in this movie and truly excelled in his role as “Mark Hogancamp.” The film is based on “Mark’s” life following World War II. The storyline is very heartfelt and moving. It is incredibly creative and 100% worth the watch.


Great cast, impeccable acting. I loved the theme of the film, and it pulled my heartstrings. Marriage Story focuses on the complications of marriage and the beauty of having a partnership with someone else. Not to mention, Scarlet Johanson and Adam Driver are fan favorites. 10/10 recommend.


A classic. I absolutely love this movie and could watch it 100 times over. Such a cute rom-com and Kat Stratford’s (Julia Stiles) poem at the end gets me every. single. time.


I definitely recommend watching this movie because it is an eye-opener and different from the typical sad movie storyline. I watched this in theatres, and I think everyone there was crying at some point. Wonder highlights a 5th grader’s life, “Auggie Pullman,” born with Treacher Collins Syndrome (facial deformities). The film is based on R.J Palacio’s book, “Wonder,” he wrote after an encounter with a young boy, Nathaniel Newman, who has this condition. The movie is very heartwarming and focuses on many important life lessons.


I’ve never cried more in a movie in my entire life. That’s all I have to say.

P.S. Timothee Chalomet is the protagonist… so brace yourself!


I watched this in theatres with one of my best friends. I was ugly crying so badly that she couldn’t even watch the movie because she was too busy laughing at me the entire time. What can I say?... I am a sucker for complicated romance. And if you want to root for a relationship no matter how ugly it gets, this movie is for you. The chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper is undeniable. She killed it in this movie, and of course, Bradly Cooper is already enough to make you fall in love. Not to mention the soundtrack is so great; we were singing The Shallow (the song) at the top of our lungs in the car ride on the way home.

11. UP

I’ve never watched this movie because, as a child, I cried so much within the first 5 minutes that I still refuse to watch it till this day. So, you get the point.


A classic Nicolas Sparks love story. A forbidden love, full of romance and heartbreak, how can you resist? Even though everyone remembers The Notebook for passion and romance, it also focuses on the tragedies of Alzheimer’s Disease. If you haven’t watched The Notebook, what are you waiting for? Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are everything and more.


I started ugly crying within the first 15 minutes of the movie, as most people do. It is very emotional from beginning to end. Zac Efron is the protagonist, so you already know it will be good, heartfelt, and worth the watch.


A classic Martin Scorsese masterpiece. Good Fellas is based on a true story and captures "Henry Hill's" (Ray Liotta) journey to become a big shot in the mafia. The film is full of drama, love, action, and death: all you would expect in a mafia movie. The acting is fantastic thanks to stars like Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Paul Sorvino, Frank Vincent, and Michael Imperioli. It is one of the best movies of all time—no doubt about it.


Any movie starring Robert De Niro is guaranteed to be great, as is this one. Raging Bull is a memoir about a boxer's life, "Jake LaMotta," which is extremely interesting. This movie was a highlight in De Niro's career because his acting was impeccable. As I said, you put Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro together, and you know the end product will be spectacular. Thus, Raging Bull. After watching the film, there were many tears, and it stuck with me for weeks after watching.


These two have the cutest relationship. Childhood icon Macaulay Culkin and upcoming actress (at the time) Anna Chlumsky have an undeniable connection. The movie touches on young love, death, and overcoming life obstacles. My Girl captured the hearts of many, as it did mine. So so cute and worth the watch.


This movie is genuinely heartbreaking. Angelina Jolie directed the Netflix Original, and it was more than successful. The Cambodian-American film is mostly in Kherm (and a little bit of English), which emphasizes the film's reality. First They Killed My Father is shown through the eyes of a 5-year-old Cambodian girl during the Khmer Rouge takeover (20th-century Cambodian genocide). Her life is completely transformed for the worse, and yet she and her family remain brave throughout their experience. The film is eye-opening to understanding the horrors of human genocide. Highly recommended.


This is the perfect early 2000's cheesy rom-com with lots of emotion and drama. "Landon Carter" (Shane West), the typical popular bad boy, falls in love with "Jamie Sullivan" (Mandy Moore), the goody-two-shoes Christian girl. They struggle to overcome their social differences and accept their love for one another. The movie is cute and has a very sad ending that will touch your heart.

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