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DIY: Halloween Costumes

Halloween is lowkey every girls' favorite or 2nd favorite holiday. It's the perfect excuse for girls to spend money and plan their costumes; some even do it months ahead. Picking a Halloween costume that is cute, affordable, and matches your vision can be more complicated than you think. I know this process is stressful, so I'm here to help you. Here are some Halloween costume ideas and tips to make your DIY experience a bit easier.

Recommended Websites for Halloween Costumes:




Dolls Kill

Forever 21



Nasty Gal

Party City

Pretty Little Thing



Urban Outfitters

Whole Sale Halloween Costumes



Euphoria themed costumes are super fun and creative. You can match an exact look from the show, or you can dress up in the "Euphoria" aesthetic. I've included both below. Euphoria costumes include:

  • Metallic/holographic pieces

  • Glittery pieces

  • A similar outfit that a character wore (Alexa Demie is the easiest to copy and had the most iconic fashion moments)

  • Colorful eye makeup with face rhinestones

I.AM.GIA Lucid Set

Shop the Top and Pants

Pair with large silver hoops, a high slicked-back ponytail, and winged eyeliner with face rhinestones over the eyeliner.

Click on the images to shop


These sets are the perfect alien costumes with the right accessories. You can wear anything holographic/metallic and accessorize it with jewelry, makeup, and hairstyles to complete your look. Alien costumes include:

  • Metallic/holographic pieces

  • Sheer top

  • Space buns/headpiece

  • Glitter

  • Colorful eye makeup

P.S. Any of these pieces/sets could also work perfectly for a 'Euphoria' costume.

Dolls Kill Fairy Type Holographic

Shop the Tube Top and Skort

Issa Mesh Skirt Set

Click on the images to shop


Click on the images to shop


Hippie costumes are super easy to DIY. Look for anything flower-patterned, flowy, or tie-dye in your closet, pair it with bell-bottom jeans, and you're good to go. Especially with tie-dye trending during the pandemic, there are tons of affordable tie-dye sets that you can use for your hippie costume. I strongly recommend thrifting for your hippie costume. I was a hippie for Halloween 2 years ago, and my entire costume was under $20 because almost everything I bought for it was from Goodwill. Also, check your family members' or friends' closets because, with the right clothing items paired together, a hippie costume can be super easy inexpensive. Hippie costumes include:

  • Flower patterned clothing (shirt, dress, pants)

  • Tiedye clothing (shirt, oversized t-shirt, dress)

  • Bell bottom jeans (denim, white, etc.)

  • Flowy pants (patterned or solid color)

  • Circular glasses, preferably with a colorful tint (These are a MUST! Glasses are a key accessory to any hippie costume) 

  • Flower crown/Headband

  • Peace sign accessories (necklace, earrings, fake tattoos, etc.)

Click on the images to shop


Click on the images to shop

Bratz Doll

Bratz Dolls were iconic in the early 2000s because they had such cute styles and fashion sense. I've been a fan of Bratz Dolls from day 1 (My favorite was Sahsa). You can have so many different aesthetics for this costume, which is a great way to show your style and have fun with it. I recommend thrifting for this costume because you can find many different vintage/trendy pieces at low prices. The Bratz Dolls had Y2K (Year 2000) fashion, so your look can vary from slight grunge to girly. As I said, there's a lot of different styles when creating this costume. Also, this is a cute costume to do with friends if you're up for it. Each of you could represent the different Bratz Dolls (Sasha, Yasmin, Jade, Chloe). Bratz Doll costumes include:

  • Crop tops

  • Cropped cardigan

  • Baggy pants/jeans

  • Miniskirt/denim skirt

  • Hoop earrings

  • Hair barrettes

  • Statement necklace

  • Small shoulder purse

  • Glitter

  • Bold lipstick with lip liner

Dolls Kill x Bratz Pretty In Punk Plaid Set

Shop the Top and the Pants

Click on the images to shop


Click on the images to shop


These outfits are perfect for a 1920's flapper moment while still looking trendy. These options are cute, comfy, and affordable. Flapper costumes include:

  • Fringe dress (black, white, silver)

  • Fishnets

  • Black bobbed wig (preference)

  • Headpiece with feather

  • Gloves (black, white)

  • Pearl necklace

  • Dangling earrings

  • Faux cigarette holder

  • Red lipstick

Click on the images to shop


Click on the images to shop


Mermaid costumes are more detailed and creative. I've included all separate pieces that can be mixed and matched together to create your unique mermaid costume. You can gear towards a more "Princess Ariel" vibe or not, depending on your preference. Mermaid costumes include:

  • Shell tops

  • Bottoms with fish scale designs

  • Headpiece (starfish clip, flower, sea crown)

  • Shell jewelry (necklace, earrings, bracelets, anklets)

  • Glitter

  • Flash tattoos (optional)

Click on the images to shop


This is the perfect pirate costume with everything you need. My best friend wore this exact costume for Halloween, and it looked amazing on her (Reference image below). Pirate costumes include:

  • White/Ivory sinched off the shoulder top

  • Corsette or fabric to tie around the waist

  • Black shorts

  • Headband

  • Additional accessories: sword, eyepatch, necklace, knife garter, etc. 

Reference Pic (Girl in the middle)

Click on the images to shop


I wore this exact nurse costume that I included below. I bought the outfit from and I really liked it. The costume does run a bit small, so to be safe, I would suggest sizing up. I also included a basic white two-piece set if you don't like buying actual costumes for Halloween. Nurse costumes include:

  • White dress or two-piece set (if you wear a white set, I recommend adding a nurse patch to your shirt to make the costume more realistic)

  • Nurse hat

  • Stethoscope

  • Syringe (optional)

  • Red lipstick

P.S This can also be cute for couples (nurse and doctor duo).

Click on the images to shop

Greek Goddess

Greek Goddess costumes are super easy. All you need is a white, ivory, or beige dress (preferably one shoulder) with statement accessories that will bring the costume to life. Greek Goddess costumes include:

  • White/Ivory dress (One shoulder, flowy, long or short)

  • Gold headpiece (leaf accents)

  • Gold accessories

  • Gold shimmery eye makeup, highlighter, and a nude/gloss lipstick

  • Braided hairstyle (half up half down)

Click on the images to shop


Click on the images to shop


Gypsy costumes are also another easy go-to because you can find some costume pieces in your closet. Gypsy costumes typically incorporate a lot of gold jewelry and a bold eye makeup look with a red or purple toned lipstick. This is all personal preference. Gypsy costumes include:

  • White/Ivory/Beige off the shoulder, flowy shirt

  • Black leather or pleather skirt/skort/shorts

  • Gold coins Bellydancing hip skirt/scarf

  • Headpiece

  • Gold jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc.)

  • Fishnets (optional)

  • Dark lipstick

Click on the images to shop


Click on the images to shop


These are the perfect sets for an affordable and modern barbie costume. Barbie costumes include:

  • All pink outfit

  • Barbie top/bodysuit with a pink or white skirt

  • Barbie accessories (necklace, chain, etc.)

  • White shoes/boots

Windsor Major Babe Set

Shop the Top and Skirt

Forever 21 Barbie™ Set

Shop the Top and Biker Shorts

Click on the images to shop


Nasty Gal Step Outta Line Faux Leather Boots

These boots are super cute and match a bunch of costumes I mentioned above (Euphoria, Alien, Hippie, Bratz, Nurse, Barbie). I highly recommend buying shoes from Nasty Gal because they have so many options at very affordable prices. They usually have various sales and discounts, which is always a plus.

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