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Gift Guide for Your Girlfriend

Girls!! This is the perfect guide to send to your significant other who is completely lost when it comes to buying you a holiday present. Share this with them ASAP and make their lives 10 times easier.

Polaroid Camera

If your girlfriend doesn't have one of these yet, she's waiting for someone to buy her one. Be that person.

Smartphone Printer

These are so cute and more practical than a polaroid because we are ALWAYS taking pictures on our phones and usually forget the polaroid at home. Buy them this gift to add more pics to their cute polaroid wall in their room. They will definitely use this & love it!

Bucket Hat

You can't go wrong with a cute bucky hat.

Bala Bangles 1 lb Weights

If your partner is a yogi or enjoys pilates/sculpt training, buy this for them ASAP!

Lovebox Messenger

This takes texting to a whole other level. You send a message through an app, and when it delivers, the heart spins in circles, basically as a "notification." If you are in a long-distance relationship, buy this for her!! Her heart will melt in seconds.

Hype Beast/Designer Apparel

For your boujee bae... do yourself a favor and check out They have the best sales for 100% authentic designer clothing and so many options to choose from.

Record Player

This is such a cute gift for music lovers or your ~quirky~ gf who's really keeping up with the trends. Either way, it's a great gift, and there are lots of different colors & styles to choose from.

Lululemon Gift Card

Every girl LOVES lululemon. They have the best leggings and lounge pants!!! If you're not sure what to buy for her, a gift card is your best option.

Beauty Supplies

To all my makeup gurus and beauty lovers, this is for you. If your significant other is always talking about skin-care and beauty products, they will be happy with any of the items above!


Buy her a cute oversized hoodie so she can stop stealing yours ;)

Femme Wall Hanging for Jewelry

If she's into a simple but artsy aesthetic, this is the perfect gift. It will add some style to her room, but it's also super useful for hanging her favorite jewelry.

The Sill

If you're dating a plant lover, The Sill is the #1 spot to buy their present! Trust me; they will love it.

Chess Set

Buy this for her because she watched The Queen's Gambit on Netflix and wants to become the next Beth Harmon... and guess what? I don't blame her!

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