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Ultimate Guide for Hosting a Girls Night In

Girl time is the best time! We all love a much-needed girls night to hang out, gossip, laugh, and all that jazz. A girls' night can include many different things, such as movies, games, dancing, or just hanging out and eating. It depends on the mood for the night. There can be lots of crying and movie binging or non stop laughing and eating or everything combined. If you want to have the best girls night in with your gals, here are six steps that will guarantee success!!

1. Clean your space

Having a clean, open, and tidy space to hangout in is key!! Everyone should feel comfortable and have some room to move around. I hate intruding on other people’s clutter (if that makes sense), and it makes me a little anxious and overwhelmed. Make sure that you have an organized area where everyone can chill and relax.

2. Serve good food

Snacks are super important for girls night. Have a variety to choose from. Also, decide what to eat before the event, that way you can plan accordingly. Here are some ideas…

  • Baking cookies, brownies, etc

  • Order in/Take Out: Pizza, Sushi, Fast Food (McDonalds, Wendys, Chick-Fil-A)

  • Variety of snacks


  • Chips

  • Popcorn

  • Kettle corn

  • Pretzels


  • Cookies (chocolate chip, sugar, etc)

  • Brookside Chocolates

  • Strawberries with Nutella

  • Reeses

  • Brownie Brittle

  • Little Bites

  • Ice Cream

  • Bunch-a-Crunch

3. Games, Games, and More Games!

Being the competitive person I am, I LOVE game night with friends. It’s the perfect way to let loose and also pass the time with an entertaining activity. These are some of my favorite games (in no particular order) to play during any stay-at-home night. 

  • Uno

  • Poker

  • Jenga

  • Heads Up

  • Cards Against Humanity

  • Would You Rather

  • Speak Out

  • Apples to Apples

  • Spoons

  • Dominoes

  • For the Girls (Card Game)

  • Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid (Card Game)

  • We’re Not Really Strangers (Card Game)

4. Spa Day/ Self Care

Sometimes you want to dedicate your Girls Night to relaxation and self-care. I live for this. If you have a lot going on in your life and need a little break, this is the perfect solution. Get a few friends and treat yourselves to a DIY spa day. These are a few essentials to make the best of your self-care day or night.

  • Face masks

  • Candles

  • Rose water mist

  • Nail polish

  • Hand Cream/Lotion

  • Bathrobes

5. Playlist

Good Music = Good Vibes. The playlist sets the vibe for the night, so definitely plan. If you're having a dance party, your playlist should not include songs that make you want to cry your eyeballs out. Know your crowd and what type of music they enjoy listening to. Sometimes, making a playlist can be tricky. An alternative is to either download someone else's or a recommended playlist on Spotify or Apple Music or use one of your own if it fits the night's mood. *Check out my Spotify @sophcollongette to see if any of my playlists can set the mood for your Girls Night In :) *


  • Fun/Up Beat

  • Throwbacks (2000s, 80s, etc)

  • Pop

  • Rap

  • R&B

  • House

  • Sad/Chill

  • Ballads

  • Alternative/Indie Pop

  • Soft Rock

6. Theme/Decorations (Extra)

If you’re the type of girl who likes to do something a little extra, I highly recommend incorporating a theme or decorations for your Girls Night In. It just adds that little touch! I love all the subtle details and accents that decorations bring to a get-together. You don’t have to go all out, but if you want to, by all means, go ahead. I am a sucker for themed parties or having decorations that bring the party to life.


  • Movie Night

  • Game Night

  • Karaoke Night

  • Spa-Day

  • Pajama Party

  • Pretty-in-Pink (everything pink themed)


  • Themed plates, napkins, cups/glasses

  • Swirly or colorful straws

  • Table confetti

  • LED lights (if available to you)

Goodie bags:

  • Goodie bags are so cute and very easy to make. You can put the items in a mason jar, pouch, cup, small boxes/baskets, or a small paper bag labeled with each person’s name. 

  • Can include: nail polish, nail file, chapstick, hand sanitizer, mini perfume, mini hand cream/lotion, facemask, headband, socks, etc.


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